Medical Malpractice: Emergency Room Errors

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Health and medicine is a serious occupational path. They are very complicated, and even a single mistake in practice can cause injury or death. Because of the complexity of health and medicine, errors are not that uncommon, especially in emergency rooms where everything is urgent.

According to the Toronto personal injury lawyers of Mazin & Associates, PC, emergency room errors can be seen as a medical malpractice, and the medical professionals involved may be held liable.

Most common emergency room errors

Emergency rooms can be stressful places, but it doesn’t mean that medical professionals have room for errors. Below are the most common emergency room errors that result into injury or death.

  • Patient dumping – releasing a patient because of his inability to pay or other financial reasons
  • Misdiagnosis – failing to properly diagnose complications, particularly those that are life-threatening
  • Medication mistakes – Issuing the wrong medication, dosage, or not giving medication at all
  • Improper discharge – releasing a patient too early or without the necessary supplementary instructions
  • Improper management – having issues with the overall medical operations, like lack of staffing and delays in treatment
  • Improper procedure – incorrectly performing procedures that may cause harm to the patient

Causes of emergency room errors

Most emergency room errors are a result of recklessness and negligence. These things have no place in emergency rooms, especially because lives ar at risk. Also, they are easily prevented through competence, diligence, and loyalty to safety procedures.

Emergency room errors occur because of the following:

  • Inexperience of staff
  • Lack of medical equipment and facilities
  • Fatigued or stressed staff
  • Not following standard protocol

Effects of emergency room errors to patients

A visit to the emergency room is bad enough, but everything becomes worse if you become a victim of an emergency room error. The most common effects of such errors to patients include:

  • Additional medical bills because of corrective treatment
  • Loss of time at work or school
  • Unnecessary inability to enjoy life
  • Unnecessary pain and suffering

Experiencing these things because of another person’s fault is unjustifiable, especially if that person is the one who is supposed to take care of you in emergency situations. But by reading more about emergency room errors, you are one step farther from being a victim.

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