Causes of Birth Injuries

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One of the happiest and most awaited events in the life of a parent is the coming of their baby. After several months of preparation, the time has come for the infant to see the light. The parents together with the pediatrician will do everything to ensure that the baby goes out healthy and normal. But somewhere along the way things can go wrong causing the baby to get injured.

According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, birth injuries is associated with substantial costs especially if it requires treatment. They can have devastating effects on the life not only of the baby but also of the parents. There are various factors that can cause birth injuries and we shall discuss them in detail.

Delayed Birth

A labor that lasted 18 hours is already considered long. At this point in time, the compression in the brain becomes too much for the baby to handle. By this time, the baby will already show signs of fetal distress and their brain will start reacting in emergency mode resulting to elevated blood pressure.

Lack of Oxygen

All brain-related birth injuries are associated with oxygen deprivation. They can either be mild or severe and the injury could last for a few days up to a lifetime. Oxygen deprivation may be due to both external (kinked or prolapsed umbilical cord) and internal forces like low birth weight or underdeveloped lungs.

Medical Malpractice

Sometimes birth injuries arise from the negligence or inexperience of the medical personnel who delivered the baby. When the person handling the delivery has limited knowledge about prenatal, natal, and postnatal care, this is where things can go wrong and the baby could end up getting injured.

From the onset until the delivery, it is important for proper care to be given to the baby. More importantly, the one who should be tasked with the delivery is one who should be properly trained and experienced. This way, the possibility of the baby getting injured can be prevented.

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