Are Value Products Revolutionizing Hair Care?

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Our hair is one of the first physical features that people notice about us. How our hair looks, the length we decide to keep it, and which hairstyle we choose on any given day says a lot about our personalities. People spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year on hair care products to keep their lock looking fabulous. Unfortunately, not everyone can indulge at such an extravagant price point. Most products are drugstore quality, running under five dollars or so, or they break the bank. Verb, an Austin-based brand, is seeking to change that.

According to Racked, Verb was the brainchild of Jayson Rapaport, Michael Portman, and Claire Moses. In 2006, Rapaport and Portman founded Birds Barbershop because they didn’t like any of the options for a quality cut at a reasonable price in Austin. They charge based on hair length and style instead of gender, which leads to more equitable pricing for guys with long hair, ladies with buzzcuts, and everyone in between. Moses came in when Rapaport and Portman decided they wanted a hair care brand to accompany their shop. Paying up to twice as much for a shampoo as you were paying for a haircut wasn’t a great business model, so they wanted a product with a reasonable price tag.  

The result was Verb, which charges $16 for every product. Everything about the product attempts to avoid the gendered presentation of other brands. Verb’s packaging, scents, and products are unisex and appeal to everyone. Moses also noted that the brand uses about 30% less fragrance than their competitors because “people don’t want to smell like their shampoo.” Currently, the products are sold at Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Birds, and online. Since Birds has expanded to over 10 locations across Austin and Houston, their brand is reaching further as well. With everything from hairspray to styling creams to basic shampoos and conditioners, Verb is an interesting brand with a wide appeal.

Verb is attempting to build a bridge in a fragmented market, and we admire that they are providing a product that is accessible and affordable. However, sometimes what your hair needs extends beyond the typical shampoo and conditioner, and brands like Verb may not scratch that itch the way higher level products can.

According to Therapy Hair Studio, hair care—professional hair care, at that—should be a relaxing and fun experience. With brands like Verb making it onto the market, people will soon be able to take the stress out of looking for their perfect new shampoo. Since it’s non-gendered, families, roommates, and even spouses can enjoy using the same, high-quality shampoo without breaking the bank—if they want to share it in the first place, that is! Even though your hair is unique, you shouldn’t have to painstakingly find a shampoo. Verb is high-quality, with low-maintenance.

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